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Welcome to the What Is Mine to Do website. Most of the activity is over on Facebook in the public discussion group. I hope you’ll join us there and add your questions, your insights and your suggestions for creating a world where respect and equity are the norm for all.

Below you’ll see the TEDx Talk that tells a part of the story behind this work … plus a few links to resources (like the Mine to Do book and journal).

I’m looking forward to interacting with you as we work together to end race-based hatred and violence. And don’t forget to join  the “What is mine to do” group on Facebook and share your commitments and insights.

Mine To Do: The Book
Mine To Do: The Journal

Enjoy these inspirational quotations to remind you to increase your awareness and take action!

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Don’t forget to join us in the “What is mine to do” group on Facebook and share your suggestions, comments and insights.